Undergraduate Courses

Dr. Fuhrmann teaches a range of undergraduate cartography and geoinformation science courses.  Feel free to contact Dr. Fuhrmann to learn more about these courses.

GGS 110 - Maps and Mapping (Fall 2016)
Introduces maps and spatial analytic tools and methods, including geographic information systems. Familiarizes students with key geographic concepts and skills through integrating information technology with map-making technology. Includes introduction to computer and web-based geographic applications, databases, and graphics.
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GGS 311 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (Spring 2017)
This course focuses on the following topics: modern spatial data processing, development, implementation, and functions of geographic information systems (GIS); relations between GIS and other geotechnologies; and applications of geographic information systems to a variety of human and environmental applications. By the end of this course you should be able to: 1) Define key concepts related to geographic data, geographic information systems and software, georeferencing, basic map production and display, structure queries of spatial data, and spatial data representation. 2) Demonstrate basic elements of these key concepts using GIS software applications. 3) Use the foundation you acquire in this course to prepare you for the other courses at GMU, for internships, and for basic work-related GIS projects.
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GGS 411 - Advanced Digital Cartography (Spring 2017)
Advanced Digital Cartography reflects on the theoretical principles of cartography and introduces novel geovisualization concepts. The course utilizes Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, ArcGIS and MAPublisher to create a range of digital mapping products. Students will also explore dynamic and interactive mapping platforms. Good cartographic product design guidelines, effective and efficient visual communication strategies and modern cartographic production processes will enable students to design a professional-grade cartographic atlas in a teamwork setting.
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GGS 480 - Internship in Geography (Summer 2017)
Internships help students make more informed career choices, apply theory learned in the classroom to a real-world setting, and enhance their employment opportunities. The Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science encourages students to seek out and participate in internships. GGS 480 is open only to authorized GGS majors with 90 credits and GPA of 2.50 or higher in GGS courses. Permission of instructor required.

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