Graduate Courses

Dr. Fuhrmann teaches a range of graduate cartography and geoinformation science courses.  Feel free to contact Dr. Fuhrmann to learn more about these courses.

GGS 551 - Thematic Cartography (Spring 2018)
Analyzes nature of perceptual organization and visual systems in thematic map communication portrayal, graphic handling, and data analysis. This course is a lecture-discussion-lab mixed class. Class time will be split between discussion of readings on cartography, lectures about cartographic concepts, and lab time applying these concepts into praxis. In the lab, students will learn using Adobe Illustrator® to make maps.
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GGS 698 - Directed Readings and Research (on an individualized base)
Reading and research on specific topics under the direction of a faculty member. This course requires the permission of the instructor and the department chair. Students which are interested in this seminar need to write a research statement at least four weeks before the semester starts and submit it with the Individualized Section Form to Dr. Fuhrmann. Please make an appointment with Dr. Fuhrmann to discuss GGS 698 before writing a research statement.
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