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AAG Cartography Specialty Group Master’s Thesis Research Grant

Now accepting applications for the AAG Cartography Specialty Group Master’s Thesis Research Grant, due March 15th.
Masters students enrolled full time are invited to apply for the CSG Master’s Thesis Research Grant. This grant is intended to promote scholarly research in cartography by students enrolled in Geography or a related degree program. Grants are available up to a maximum of $500 and may be used for items necessary and relevant to research, such as travel, materials, equipment, and human subject fees.

Deadlines for application are March 15, June 15, and November 1 of each year. Applications and inquiries should be directed to the CSG Non-Academic Director, Sarah Bell, at

For more information and the application form, please visit CSG Research Grant Information

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Cosmos Scholars – Grant Program – 2015-2016

Consider applying for the grant program of the Cosmos Club Foundation. Applicants must be enrolled, on a full-time or part-time basis, in a program leading to a graduate degree (Masters or Doctoral). There is no restriction as to academic field, but the project should be focused on objective scholarly research rather than commercial or political activity, social activism, or other non-academic goals. The number of grants to be awarded is not rigidly fixed, but is expected to be at least fifteen. Amounts of awards will be determined individually, and are contemplated to be in the range of $500 to $4,000. More information:

For more information about the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science at George Mason University check: