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Dr. Fuhrmann gives Yi-Fu Lecture: Unfolding the Map

This week, Dr. Fuhrmann will give a Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture at the Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The Yi-Fu Lecture Series features a wide variety of U.S. and international guest lecturers from all geographic disciplines. Lecturers at these Friday seminars also often speak at brown-bag lunches, one-on-one student sessions, and breakfast meetings with student interest groups as part of their visit. Doctoral students are invited to present their final research. The lecture series was initiated by Dr. Tuan and receives enthusiastic support as a department and campus tradition.

All lectures are presented on Friday at 3:30pm in Science Hall – Rm 180 unless otherwise noted. Alumni, friends and the public are always invited to attend.

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Full-Time Employment Opportunities at U.S. Census Bureau

The Population Division of the U.S. Census Bureau has employment opportunities for qualified graduates in geography and related fields. The application deadline for this posting is February 10, 2016.

We are looking for well-qualified people with advanced training in geographic information systems, population geography or demography, remote sensing/satellite image analysis, and urban geography, among other specialties.

Salaries reflect experience and the level of education completed. All positions require U.S. citizenship.

Employment opportunities are permanent, full-time positions at Census HQ in the Washington, DC, area. Census HQ is located next to a subway station.

Openings for permanent positions offer qualified applicants an opportunity to work on a range of projects, including: analyzing the geographic distribution of population globally and in the U.S.; producing population estimates for other countries and studying their demographic characteristics at various geographic scales; developing image processing and analysis methodologies for high-resolution population mapping; geo-demographic activities using statistical units such as metropolitan areas, counties, states, and their foreign equivalents; and writing analytical reports.

This is an exciting time for the U.S. Census Bureau, and specifically the Population Division. Please forward this email to students, recent graduates, and colleagues who may be interested in working at the Census Bureau. For more information about the agency, including position opportunities, look under “About Us” on our website at

To apply for the openings, please visit USAJOBS no later than February 10, 2016:

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AAG Mapathon – Volunteers Needed

If you are going to the AAG Annual Meeting in San Fransisco this Spring, please come to the first ever Mapathon organized to disrupt this conference!  If you have some experience working with OSM, we also encourage you to consider serving as a volunteer for the mapping activities during this event.

The effort is organized by the State Department, George Mason University and involves the support and input from a number of other organizations (see the webpage for the full list).  On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the Mapathon Lounge will be your place to hear special keynote talks, papers, and panels, and to participate in open mapping sessions for actual international projects that need spatial data that will be used by organizers.

Come be a part of sharing how to make a difference with open mapping with a broad audience of an expected 10,000 attendees!  Plus, volunteering three hours or more gets you a free T-shirt!

For more information about this special event within the conference and see what projects will be mapped :

To sign up to volunteer to help other attendees learn to map using OSM (and perhaps some other logistical duties that may come up):

To view the conference preliminary program and check your schedule see:

For more information about the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science at George Mason University check: